Land Art: nature becomes art in the Adamello Brenta Park

This summer I have been in Trentino, a beautiful region in the north east Alps in Italy. Some friends invited me to stay with them for a while in a very small and quiet village in the Giudicarie Valleys, an area I didn’t know, which is renowned above all for the Comano Thermal baths. There are stunning places around, I can’t give up to mention the Lake of Tenno, charaterized by such a turquoise colour…

DSC01427But the most interesting place that I visited, in the Adamello Brenta Nature Park, is the Bosco Arte Stenico, situated near the castle bearing the same name. It’s a trail through contemporary Land art, a quiet walk in the forest to discover works of art made exclusively of material from the forest or carved in repositioned logs.
The aim of this exhibition, according to the Park authority, is “to enhance the area through the vehicle of art as a means of knowledge, awareness and enjoyment of nature”. Magical and evocative are the works of art you can see in the forest: from shapes of imaginary animals to spiders, butterflies coming out from cocoons, snails, nests, witches, a small labyrinth. The route, open all year round, is a comfortable and easy path, with benches and drinking fountains made of stone. Bosco Arte Stenico can be reached from several points (information at the Web site; we started our walk passing through the Area natura Rio Bianco, with its nice Botanical garden, to arrive to the beautiful waterfall, originating in the Karst, and then to the forest.