An open air… honesty shop

Saying that “I like” is not enough, I really love it!!!
Recently I have been on holiday at l’Ile de Ré, a beautiful island situated in front of La Rochelle, on the Atlantic coast of France. While we were biking through woods and salt mines, we saw this odd place. I say “odd” because it never happened to see an open air shop in which there is no seller and neither a person who takes care of the products to keep them from getting stolen.DSC02024 copia The maker, Rivesaline – -, to sell its goods (salts of any kind, fleur de sel and bath salts, but also bottled veloutés, mustards and caramel candies), has decided to open this “Boutique de producteur” just aside the bike path, trusting the honesty of the people passing by, who can stop, choose whatever they wish and pay, leaving the money in the little basket.
I couldn’t believe my eyes! Delighted, I bought a seasoned salt that I am going to give as a present to my friend Cristina.